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Science goes underground, by Susana Cebrian (UNIZAR)


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Scientific Meetings  



Rehabilitation workshop, urban regeneration and landscape “Rethinking Canfranc” organized by UNIZAR (2 July 2012)

Architecture workshop organized by the University of Zaragoza in collaboration with the architect Basilio Tobias (designer of the LSC Headquarters building). It proposes to both students and teachers the objective of articulating a coherent response to a problem defined within the field of architecture (edification and/or town planning and/or territory/landscape) formulated from the sustainability demand.






Short Course on “Universidad y Territorio: programación y acreditación de enseñanzas” organized by ACPUA & UIMP (20 June 2012)

This course held at the LSC premises, is part of the 2012 edition of Short Courses organized by the “Sede Pirineos de la Universidad Menéndez Pelayo” was directed by D. Tomás Martínez Terrer, General Manager of the Universidades del Gobierno de Aragón. Talks were given by the general directors from several from several universities and directors of the university quality agencies of the different communities.

International Meeting of the NEXT Collaboration (7 May 2012)

Around 60 scientists met with the objective of analyzing the most crucial aspects of the construction of the NEXT experiment (“Neutrino Telescope with a Xenon TPC”) which will be located at the LSC.
Carried out by an international collaboration, aims to discover new aspects and broaden the knowledge of the nature of the neutrinos through this neutrino-less double beta decay experiment.






6th MultiDark Consolider Workshop and RENATA Meeting ( 12 April 2012)

During this meeting, the scientist attending analyzed the current status and perspectives in the field of Astroparticles Physics in general and more in particular the identification of the dark matter of the Universe. Also revised were the advances by direct dark matter experiments such as the LHC, as well as in experiments of indirect detection through gamma rays, antimatter and neutrinos. It was also discussed the current status and perspectives of the Astroparticle Physics in Spain.

Workshop on Nuclear Astrophysics at Canfranc Underground Laboratoty (22 March 2012)

This workshop aims to join European efforts to develop a new generation of small particle accelerators in underground laboratories. In this occasion the current status of physics will be analyzed together with its future needs. The feasibility of the eventual installation of a particle accelerator at the LSC similar to that – LUNA – already installed in Gran Sasso will be discussed.






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